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thin_lipid [userpic]
Chael/Yuzu - Flavor of the Week
by thin_lipid (thin_lipid)
at November 10th, 2006 (11:56 am)

Where the hell...?: Chael's Bedroom
Sephy says: devious
Background sounds: Swing - The Lifters

littleyugi32504 (7:48:41 PM): Chael was sitting nervously at his kitchen table. On the floor near him lay a rather decent sized box which he had yet to open. He knew what was inside and even now was suprised with himself that he'd actually bought it. An iCandy. That sounded so sexual, he thought. Although there was probably a reason for that... he shrugged and finally stood from his chair and quickly pulled the box open before he had the time to think on it any further. He swallowed nervously and pulled the small form from the box, setting it on the table and lifting its chin. "Hello...?" he muttered softly, not fully sure how one was to turn on an iCandy. Okay, that sounded really wrong.

Freekychowchow13 (7:52:22 PM): The small human made no movement. It was dressed in a short, tightfitting, silver spandex dress, matching stockings, and pink fishnet on his shoulders. His hair was a vibrant icy pink, cut is loose jags around his head. He did not move, but he breathed softly. In his arms was a book, entitled, "Instructions: iCandy Model 499640PNK, Please Read Before Awakening!" The book itself was hardly four or five pages thick.

littleyugi32504 (7:57:15 PM): Chael took the small booklet out of the loose hold and looked over it. "If all else fails I guess..." he muttered softly as he openned the book, purple eyes scanning over the pages. "You'd think a person with a doctorite wouldn't need a friggin' user's manual.... oh god, wrong..." he ran a hand through his hair and scrunched up his nose.

Freekychowchow13 (8:04:30 PM): The manual had little in it, except for a few very basic instructions. The first thing marked said, "To awaken an iCandy in sleep mode, submerge its body in cold water. To put it back in sleep mode, press both sleep points at once , located underneath each ear on either side of its head." The pinkhaired creature made no sound, lying peacefuly on the table. It could have been mistaken for a v3ry pretty doll.

littleyugi32504 (8:17:08 PM): "Huh..." he muttered as he set the booklet down and moved to pick up the... was it a thing or could he call it a he...? He shook his head, not wanting to think of that at the moment. He carried whatever it was to the bathroom, setting it on the counter and turning on the cold water in the tub. He waited a minute for the tub to fill enough till he looked over the other. Should I take off it's clothes... getting that wet shouldn't be good... He finally pulled the dress off with a small cringe. He carefully pulled the stocking off the, now classified, boy's legs and the fishnet from it's torso. He gently picked up the naked iCandy, looking away pointedly as he set the boy in the water. He rather quickly turned his head away from the male, studying the wall and waiting for any sign of movement.

Freekychowchow13 (8:21:40 PM): There was silence for a second, and then the pinkhaired boy looked up with a start, noting the hands on his naked body and the freezing water. He shivered and snapped, "No one said you had to use ICE water." The pinkhaired boy leapt neatly out of the tub and grabbed a towel without saying anything.

littleyugi32504 (8:37:44 PM): Chael flushed and gave the other a glare. "Hey! It's not like your damn manual how cold the water had to be!" he yelped back at the dripping male, jumping when the other moved so suddenly. He backed away from the boy and moved to the door. "Just get dressed and come out here when you're done." he muttered after running his hand through his hair and slipping out of the room. He leaned against the wall across from the bathroom door.

Freekychowchow13 (8:42:02 PM): The boy emerged from the bathroom, fully dressed and towellled off. He looked annoyed, about 13 or 14 years of age, and there was a defiance in his pink eyes that was almost laudable for a creature that had been created as a sex toy. "...What now?" He asked coldly, sitting on the floor.

littleyugi32504 (8:44:40 PM): Chael blinked, suprised by the boy's additude. Weren't iCandy programed to be polite and compliant...? He shurgged and held out his hand. "I'm Chael..." he muttered softly with a small smile.

Freekychowchow13 (8:49:22 PM): "...Bubblegum." He responded softly, tamer than before. "Nice to meet you." The words were flat, and he did not lock eyes with his new owner. "...So, what did you buy me for, hmm?"

littleyugi32504 (8:53:55 PM): Chael cringed. "Mostly to clean and do housework..." he muttered, lowering his hand and shoving it his pocket. He looked to the side, not fully wanting to look at the boy's intentionaly beautiful body. "I work a lot so you pretty much have free rein of the house during the day... and don't think I got you for sex! Urg..." he placed a hand to his forehead. "I still can't believe I even bought a human...." he cringed at the idea.

Freekychowchow13 (8:55:10 PM): "...Okay." The boy looked up. "I know how to clean and stuff..." He seemed shyer, sadder. "I'm not a human. I'm an iCandy." The boy looked down again.

littleyugi32504 (8:56:59 PM): Chael gave a sheepish look. "You have emotions though, right? I figure that makes you human enough..." he shook his head and let his chin length bangs fall in his face. "...Um, can you cook too?" he muttered as an after thought. "I'd hate to make you do more stuff, but really... subjecting you to my cooking is far worse..."

Freekychowchow13 (8:59:22 PM): "....I can cook some things." he said. "I know how to follow a recipe." The boy sighed. "Can you change my name, then? That's such a faggoty name, and I'm a boy, yknow. I mean, since you seem to respect us so much..." HE looked up with something like hope.

littleyugi32504 (9:02:47 PM): "Actually... come on." he muttered, looking up with a small smile and moving rather quickly along the hall to his bedroom. He stood infront of his bookcase and shuffle through the shelves. "I have a name book here... somewhere...." he let out a small pleased noise when he pulled the book from the shelf.

Freekychowchow13 (9:04:51 PM): "....Kay." The boy followed him tamely, though there was a vehemence to him.... A toughness in his cilvery eyes.

littleyugi32504 (9:08:58 PM): "Here.." he muttered, tossing the book to the other male and ploping down on the bed. "You can pick one if you'd like..." he muttered as he leaned his back against the wall and watched the other silently. He flushed lightly. Oi...

Freekychowchow13 (9:12:05 PM): "....Okay..." He said quietly. "...Uh....I'm not very good at this.... How about Yuzu, Master?" His tone was flat, unaccented by any emotion.

littleyugi32504 (9:14:40 PM): "Whatever you want..." he muttered, looking away when the other refered to him as 'Master.' He laid down on his bed and let out a small sigh.

Freekychowchow13 (9:16:12 PM): "...Can I have some new clothes, too?" He tried quietly. He sat on the bad next to the elder and looked over at him with a calm coldness.

littleyugi32504 (9:21:52 PM): "Sure..." he muttered, scooting away from the other a bit. "You're welcome to get whatever you want..." he muttered as he moved onto his side. "When you want to do that though?"

Freekychowchow13 (9:25:12 PM): "...Whenver you want me to, Master." His voice was flat, almost angry.

littleyugi32504 (9:27:14 PM): "You don't have to have my permission... you can go whenever you want to..." he muttered, confused at why the other seemed so pissed. "What's wrong...?"

Freekychowchow13 (9:29:10 PM): "...Nothing, I'm just.... I don't know. I hate this." He looked up. "...I've been through four households already, and I know you'll probably make me leave, too."

littleyugi32504 (9:34:22 PM): Chael blinked. "I'm not planning on it..." he muttered. "I figure you're sorta like... I don't know, but like... you're my responsiblility now... right? I bought you so you're staying here..." he muttered softly, looking up at the ceiling a moment before giving the other a soft smile. "'Sides the company would be nice..."

Freekychowchow13 (9:40:52 PM): "You seem awfuly sure of yourelf. How do you know I won't turn out to be a complete asshole, huh? huh?" He looked over dangerously. "I mean, I might be horrible and mean and inconsiderate. Besides, iCandy are like pets.... If you decide we're not for you, you can just.... get... rid of us..." In a dramatic change of tone, he began to sniffle qquietly into his wrists.

littleyugi32504 (9:44:48 PM): Chael, for lack of anything else to do, lightly pulled the other into a hug and rubbed his back. "I'm not going to send you back or anything okay...?" he muttered, looking up at the ceiling and distracting his mind. Someone's bi-polar...

Freekychowchow13 (9:46:31 PM): The pinkhaired tyoung boy pulled away sharply. "Don't say that! That's what the last one said, too!" His face contorted into a mask of anger and frustration.

littleyugi32504 (9:50:00 PM): Chael frowned slightly. He pushed himself out of bed and wandered to the door. "You want to see your room...?" he asked softly with a soft smile.

Freekychowchow13 (9:51:36 PM): "...Yeah...." Yuzu murmured, trying to shut up wih the tears and barely suceeding.

littleyugi32504 (9:56:01 PM): "Have you had your own room before...?" he asked softly as he wandered to the next door in the hallway and openned it. Inside was a large bed with black and red japanese sheets. The walls had decorative scrolls placed sparingly and a small desk with a computer and workspace. "You can change it of course..."

Freekychowchow13 (9:56:46 PM): "....No. I slept in my Master's bed." He looked at the room and then at his new Master, and sighed. "...I apolgize for my... mooodiness."

littleyugi32504 (9:59:28 PM): Chael turned to the other male with a bright smile. "No big, I can imagine your life hasn't been that easy..." He looked around at the slightly blan appearance of the room. "I have the day off tomorrow so we can go shopping for clothes and your room then if you'd like... "

Freekychowchow13 (10:00:12 PM): "...Okay." THe boy said quietly. He looked up and touched the elder on his shoulder once or twice, with apparently curioisity. "...Are you real?"

littleyugi32504 (10:01:14 PM): Chael backed a way a bit, looked at the boy as if he were insane. "What do you mean...?" he asked softly.

Freekychowchow13 (10:06:27 PM): "I mean.... " He said softly. "Ive never hada master who treatedme well." He said quietly. "That's why my emotional programming is so messsed up."