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thin_lipid [userpic]
Itsukii/Kasumi - Flavor of the Week
by thin_lipid (thin_lipid)
at November 12th, 2006 (11:09 am)

Where the hell...?: The bowels of Eterna Research Labs
Sephy says: curious
Background sounds: Sacrifice - TATU

freekychowchow13: Slumped against the shining, polished glass of the Lifedome, he looked distinctively like one of the life support modules connected via tubes to the being floating inside of it. Itsukii pressed his cheek to the strangely warm glass, blue glow reflected on his fair features. His hair was silver, nearly down to his waist in places, and streaked with soft blue... The very same blue that had infected him, that addicted him, that kept him ever-watchful of this enclosed chamber. The liquid that held the motionless form suspended in a continual, slow rotation was another cloudy blue, almost transparent, but not quite. Itsukii pressed his face against the glass, unheedful of the cloudiness his breath condensed on the flawless exterior. The dome was lit from the inside with floating, bioluminescent orbs that never seemed to fade or flicker. Even in darkness, this one room.. Itskii's room... It was always bathed in soft blue light. Inside this warm bath of blue, of course.... Him. That was where he rested in his eternal, silent, motionless rest. The only movements of his corporeal form were caused by the gentle circulation of his cerulean embryonic fluid. Itsukii glanced about behind him to make sure that no one was watching... And pressed his lips to the warm glass. One day, beautiful. You'll awaken...Soon. I feel it.

littleyugi32504: Kasumi's vibrantly blue eyes slid open a fraction. He could feel something tugging at his body, pulling him from his dreams. A red cord that wrapped around his throat, trying to suffocate him. His hands wanted to reach to his neck and claw away whatever it was that was pulling at him, but they moved so slowly as if the signal his mind was sending out was being pushed aside. Closer... he could almost reach the cord now. His mouth opened in a gasp though his body took in no air. His hands stretched the final distance, nails pulling at the cord and ripping at the tender flesh in the process. He wanted to scream, cry... do something to announce his discomfort, but all he could do was stare with half lidded eyes blankly upward and wait until the liquid around him washed the blue blood from his rapidly healing wounds. His hands reached out blindly, trying to scratch his way out of the prison he was in. He wanted out, he knew something was outside, but he couldn't see it, couldn't feel it.

freekychowchow13: With his ear pressed so close to the warm glass, Itsukii could hear His ever-present heartbeat...always steady, always gentle, in a rhythm so perfect that he could set a metronome's beat to it. He shivered and closed his eyes, his hearing slowly closing in on the repetitive... it jarred, the liquids had shifted, the pulse disrupted. He jerked away, his strange eyes with their dark irises and electric blue pupils opening and closing in shock. Even his eyelashes had begun to turn blue from all of the exposure to Him. The creature.. He... It.... Floundering. He was floundering and clawing and scratching, the liquid swirling, once slowly revolving blue orbs upset and jolting every which way. In a mere half-second, the slow order of his life had been upset as if a great stone had been dropped in the lucid placidity of his fish-bowl blue existence. He stood there dumbly for a few moments before he ran to the modules. He must be awakening! I have to let him free now! Finally! He fumbled at keys and punched buttons, twisting knobs and adjusting this and that. He never had dreamed...so soon...this code...this key. The key. He ran to the glass-enclosed box on the far wall. Do Not Break. He rared back with his right elbow and crashed through the glass. There it was... The blade... He pulled the long, slender dagger from its ancient sheath and it glowed faintly. He turned to the glass, He was still floundering and kicking in there. Without a thought to the pain, Itsukii sliced the blade through his arm.... Fresh crimson blood ran out and spilled onto the floor where it promptly turned blue and black. He fished around in his flesh, the blood staining his white lab coat and shirt, coating his hands and arm. He did not even worry about how much he might lose.. His only concern was for Him. The Spinner. His fingers touched the hard, round, orb set deep in his forearm and he promptly clawed it out, fingers scrabbling on the slippery and yet gelatinous surface. This, unlike everything else in the room, was a deep black, emanating an emptiness... The key and the Spinner. He ran to the module and shoved the little black object into its ancient slot... The glass didn't shatter or retract as he would have expected it to... rather... It seemed to soften.... it became a thin membrane, thinner than the plastic bags at the grocery market, thinner than a spider's thread. He knew.... Right then.... If no one touched this membrance, if no one birthed The Spinner from his eternal womb... They would be frozen like this forever. Itsuki plunged his dirty, bloody hand right into it, and it burst, disintegrated, leaving only ankle-deep blue fluid covering the floor and slimy wetness running down into his coat.

In his arms, he held the naked, wet, barely moving, barely breathing, slippery body of the Spinner himself. Itsukii smiled.

littleyugi32504: His body was heavy, trying to move and clinging desperately to the form above him. His mouth opened to release erratic pitches. His vocal cords were sore and unused to being needed. His muscles tighten, none on his limbs following his mind's commands. Why didn't his body work? His fingers clutched tightly in the blood soaked cloth of the other's lab coat. His unfocused eyes concentrated on the blue pupils above him. His vision slowly cleared and his hands move of their own will to the pale skin, trying to feel it gently but not quite use to the concept of depth. His fingers moved roughly over the other's cheeks and nearly tugging at the blue streaked hair. He knew this person... he'd dreamt of him coming here to watch over his body. He had seen his time spent in this room, played out like movie in his mind. Who was he? He felt like should have known the answer. He frowned, confused and wanting to cry. He felt like he had forgotten something important. Why couldn't he remember this man's name?

freekychowhow13: Itsukii watched the blonde's body twitching, flickering like a dying creature in his arms. He was terrified that something awful might happen and for several seconds he stood in the exact same spot, afraid to move, afraid to breathe, afraid to do anything except watch in terror. The blonde's movement slowly stabilized and his erratically gesturing hands steadied a bit. Itsukii felt a rough grab at his face and his hair, and to be honest, it hurt. The blond grew very silent, not but a second ago he had been screaming at random. Itsukii felt his own breathing slowly regain its normal rhythm. He was very quiet, as if afraid... Even without much teaching beforehand... He knew that he held the world in his arms. He combed the blonde strands back from the Spinner's face and smiled. "...Welcome to the world..." He said softly, still bleeding torrents from his injured arm. He wished that he had a sheet handy to wrap the slippery body in, even a towel.. But he didn't. He felt surprisingly ill-equipped for a scientist. In a moment of innovation, he pulled off his lab coat and wrapped it around the blond's flawless body, smiling both to himself and to the Spinner. "Can you speak?" His voice was soft and tame, though often erratic at times. He walked across the room, leaving the ruined Lifedome behind him, and stopped in front of the door. The next room down the hall was meant for the Spinner's wellbeing, a Recuperation room. Even so, this room had two beds... For the presence of Itsukii was vital right now.. Without him... The Spinner, who up until only seconds ago had lived vicariously through Itsukii, breathing his breaths, eating his food, sucking his life from him a bit at a time in a slow process that would have poisoned him over time... Even though the umbilicus was cut, Itsukii must be there for the time being. The door slid open automatically for him, and gripping the Spinner in his arms, he walked into the Recuperation room. This room was also bathed in continuous blue light... But here the lighting orbs were not floating in fluid, but were half-submerged in the floor at the perimeter of the room. He held the Spinner in hi arms a few moments before lying him gently on the special bed, always kept clean and ready to accept it's burden.

littleyugi32504: Kasumi let out a soft worry-like noise, still clinging tightly to the other's clothes. He felt sick with himself, like he'd hurt this man. But... then why was he so... nice to him. His mind was at a conflict. Part of him was muttering to him about how he had hurt this man while his logical mind tried to tell him that if such a thing were true he wouldn't be here. Why couldn't he remember his name?! His arm suddenly wrapped around the other's neck, pulling the other's body flush to his own and hoping the closeness would jog his memory. He could feel droplets running over his cheeks and he closed his eyes. He let out a loud frustrated noise, his fingers gripping tightly at the other's shoulder blades. "I can't remember..." he murmured, the voice still coming out in awkward pitches. "I can't remember who you are..." he nearly yelled. sobbing against the other's neck.

freekychowchow13: Pulled close to the bed by the Spinner, Itsukii supported himself with both arms, afraid that he might slip and hurt the blonde. The Spinner's perfect little mouth opened and shut, and exquisite notes sung out one at a time. Even in their discord, they were perfect. He touched the Spinner's forehead lightly with one bloody hand; closeness was a vital part of the imprinting. "Hush...Hush..." His own voice sounded strange to him, he had not spoken with any outsiders in a long time now... Almost six months. Fingers gouged into his back and he twitched. The blue lighting in the room was almost as womblike and serene as the lit orbs floating in the Lifedome. "Shhh..Shhh...It doesn't matter...Calm down." Hot tears ran over his neck and dripped into his clothes. "I'm Itsukii...Itsukii... Don't get so excited now... Shhh.." He could feel the gravity in the room adjusting itself to the Spinner's emotions already. "I'm Itsukii. Are you alright?" The naked blond's body seemed to glow with blue light... or perhaps that was just his imagination taking over.

littleyugi32504: "Itsukii... Itsukii, I dreamt of you Itsukii..." he murmured, his voice finally beginning to stabilize. His hands loosened their grip and he let his body fall back on to the softness of the bed that had been prepared for him. He looked up once more at the other's face, crystal tears still running slowly over the sides of his face. His hands, fully under his control moved once more to Itsukii's face, running curiously over the pale skin. He frowned slightly, his had running through a blue strand of hair before cupping a soft cheek. "I hurt you, Itsukii..." he mumbled softly, his thumb running over the other's skin gently. He looked as if he was going to cry again. "I'm sorry, Itsukii..."

freekychowchow13: Itsukii felt a distinct smile spread across his face. His hair, tied back with a black band and streaked in blue, dangling in a ponytail over his shoulder. "I dreamt of you, too... I've been waiting for a long time for this day." He brushed his hand over the blonde's cheek as if in mirror to the touches he felt. "Don't cry." He murmured, stroking the sticky blond hair. "Hush now. Don't cry. It's alright, I gave myself up to you... I did this on purpose... Who are you? Do you remember anything?" He stroked the boy's shoulder, smiling, relieved. Now all he needed was a shower and a change of clothes.... "Don't apologize. Just tell me what you know." He sat on the edge of the bed and combed his hair back with his fingers.

littleyugi32504: Kasumi frowned slightly, running his index finger across Itsukii's lower lip. He wrapped a hand around the back of the other's neck, pulling himself up and pressing a soft kiss to Itsukii's lips. "My name is Kasumi..." he muttered, his face moving to rest in in the hollow on the other male's neck. His hands wrapped around the other's thin torso. "Itsukii..." he murmured softly, his warm breath running over the other's neck.

freekychowchow13: The silverheaded young man blinked at the touches... He had not expected The Spinner to be so fond of touching... or fond of him for that matter. "...Kasumi..." He felt strange to speak the Spinner's name aloud. It felt arcane and secret, some dark, forgotten knowledge of mages long past. He tested the word on his lips a moment to himself. "Kasumi....Kasumi..." He shivered and withdrew from the intimate closeness between them, stroking the pretty blond locks, gazing into the blue eyes. He felt as if, in that moment, the strings of Fate had bound them together, never to be severed. Was this what it had felt like? The Eternal Bond? He touched Kasumi's forehead with a fingertip. "Would you like to rest? Or do you feel ready to get cleaned up?" He smiled and fluffed the pillows on the bed... He knew that he would gladly wait for days if that was what the Spinner requested.

littleyugi32504: Kasumi ran a hand into his own sticky hair, cringing at the feel of it. "I need a bath..." he muttered and carefully pushing himself up. He wrapped his arms around the other's neck. "Up." he said, his voice almost cheerful. His legs wrapped halfway around the other's torso, preparing to be picked up once again. He nuzzled his face into Itsukii's neck, taking in his scent. "Itsukii..."

freekychowchow13: A little surprised at the other's willingness and compliance, Itsukii put his arms about the Spinner's lithe frame and hoisted him up from the silvery blue bed sheets. He stepped across the floor, lit so softly from the ground, and stepped through the doors. They were clear bluish glass and opened as soon as he approached. Inside, the bath chamber was aglow with a similar pervasive blue lighting; here the lighting orbs were small and moved about like a dance of glowing bubbles. He stepped over to the recessed bathing area in the floor, it was already filled perfectly to the top. The water itself was a perfect temperature, not too cold and not too warm. One touch would make it overflow into a second tub that filtered the water and used it for other purposes. Itsukii took a second to admire the harmony and peace of the room. He then carefully lowered Kasumi into the pleasantly warm, still waters that circulated slightly near the bottom. He pulled off his slimy shirt and sat on a ledge nearby the tub, smiling. "Is it warm enough, Kasumi?"

littleyugi32504: "Yes..." The blond smiled softly, moving to the edge of the tub and pushing himself up to Itsukii's level. His hands ran through the other's hair as he pressed a soft kiss to Itsukii's lips before rather suddenly pulling the other into the tub. Water sloshed over the edge, running in falls down to the purifiers.

freekychowchow13: Itsukii slipped a little and one hand touched the surface of the water, his lips tingling with the pleasant but unexpected touch. He shivered and as his body grew limp, he splashed into the perfect water and settled at the bottom of the tub, currents drifted around his back and ankles. He smiled and waved his hand under a recessed faucet in the wall, shampoo spilled into his cupped hand. He combed the lather into the blond locks, trying to get rid of some of that slime that had been protecting and supporting the Spinner for so many centuries. His black pants fluttered in the water. "You speak such good English for someone who has been in hibernation so long... Wait, I guess you were exposed to it through me, then...?" He smiled and worked on the long blonde hair.

littleyugi32504: ”I learned a lot of things because of Itsukii...” he murmured, pressing his lips to the hollow space above Itsukii’s sternum. He lightly pulled all of the wet hair to one side, letting it drape over his shoulder. Kasumi lightly took the other’s bleeding arm into his hands, staring blankly at the wound before pressing two slender fingers to the higher end of the jagged cut. His fingers spread slightly as they traced the skin around the bloody opening, concentrating and watching as the skin literarily knitted back together as if it was only a broken seam being resewn. He looked up at Itsukii with a curious face. “Why did you kiss me, Itsukii... when I was sleeping...?” He wrapped his arms around the other man’s shoulders, nearly settling in his lap.

freekychowchow13: “...Learned a lot of things...?” He repeated to himself softly, looking into the perfectly clear water below him. He felt soft hands on his injured arm, to be honest, he hadn’t even noticed the pain up until now. His forearm tingled and he looked down at the skin slowly pulling together, as if drawn by threads. He watched the strip of red between edges of white slowly disappearing, fading into nothingness. Itsukii took his arm back and inspected it a few seconds before letting it fall back into the water, not skeptical, merely curious. His breathing caught in his throat. Kissed you....? “I... Kissed you?” He denied it to himself for only a few seconds before he blinked, and murmured, “Oh. I...did, didn’t I?” He smiled a little. “...Because...You’re special... and I felt like I ought to, you know?” His hair drifted in the water in tendrils He put out his hand under a dispenser and received a fresh blue washcloth and a dollop of clear soap. “Here...” He murmured, washing the opaque blue film from the boy’s back.

littleyugi32504: Kasumi smiled softly, pulling the other down into another kiss. “Itsukii is special too... Itsukii woke me up.” he said brightly. He leaned against the hand on his back and rested his chin on Itsukii’s shoulder. His hands ran through the other’s blue streaked hair, sighing softly. “I hurt you... why did you stay? All I did was steal your life from you...” He hugged himself tightly to the other’s body. “We were the same person for a long time... it’s odd now...” he muttered, nuzzling into Itsukii’s neck.

freekychowchow13: The silverhaired male rested against the wet edge of the tub, continuing his washing. Suds foamed over his hands from inside the washcloth, taking off streaks of blueish grime from the boy’s back and neck. Most of it felt like the inside of a raw egg. “I didn’t wake you up... You woke up on your own...” He was confused. Itsukii blinked and looked over at the blond locks framing a perfect face. “I stayed because.... Because that’s how things go, Kasumi. They always have and always will... One must always be around to breathe and eat and live for you until you awaken... And as you live through them, you live off of them. Even I know that... But even so, all who spend time with you in the Womb... They grow attached to you... And it is only their greatest hope that you would wake up... For them.” He smiled and brushed his hand over the blond’s wet head. “It was alright. I lived for your good, Kasumi.” He withdrew a little, wondering, thinking. “What did you dream of...?” He asked quietly, examining his hands and then going back to washing the blond’s back.

littleyugi32504: Smiling softly, he looked up at the ceiling, watching the glowing blue orbs move slowly and rhythmically through the air. “Love... I dreamt of love...” he muttered softly, leaning his head once on the other’s chest, watching the continuing movement of the orbs. “Itsukii, too... Itsukii changing...” he reached out to the other’s cheek, tilting his face downwards and looking at the blue pupils surrounded by black irises. “I woke up for you... so Itsukii wouldn’t die.”

freekychowchow13: Itsukii glanced over at him, not really surprised, but interested. “...Love? That’s not really what I imagined the Spinner would dream of..” He said with a smile. He touched his hair, fraught with those unnatural blue streaks. “Yes...But that’s how things are supposed to go. That’s how things have gone for thousands and thousands of years, thousands and thousands... Since the beginning of everything, I guess. But the nature of time is difficult to study...Forever, it’s such an undefinable concept.” He smiled again. “Don’t worry...I won’t change anymore now that you’re awake.” He touched the blonde locks. “I’ll be perfectly okay. You didn’t hurt me. You did what you were supposed to do.” His eyes closed and he sighed, opening them to watch the suds slide off of the blond’s perfect form, carried by the currents of fresh water. “Are you still sticky anywhere?” He asked softly, quite clean himself.

littleyugi32504: Kasumi nodded before pushing himself upright. He still hadn’t used his legs and though were steady he still felt like he was wobbling. He carefully slipped out of the tub, using the edge of the bath to insure his safety. “I’m tired...” he muttered softly, giving a sheepish smile. He stood, letting go of the tub’s edge and lightly pulling at Itsukii’s arm, pulling him from the tub as well. He lead the other male back to the room where his bed was. He ignored the fact that was still rather soaked, along with the fact that he was quite naked, and sat on the bed. He scooted back a bit and tugged the equally wet and nude Itsukii onto the soft bedding with him. “Sleep...”

freekychowchow13: Itsukii guided him as best he could, offering a little assistance. He would have gladly carried the blonde anywhere he asked, but if Kasumi was determined to walk... Then he would let him walk. His leg muscles must have been weak after all that time; Itsukii watched him stagger through the doors and room with only a little amusement. “...Sleep?” He smiled. “Don’t you want me to go get your clothes, first? You have clothes here already.” Without waiting for an answer, he strode across the room to a clear glass wardrobe that was lit so that the clothing inside was mostly obscured. The glass front of it flew open with a soft, hydraulic hiss, and he looked at th assortment of clothing in it. Everything in it seemed to be some sort of extravagant party dress... Most were blue, silver, or white and the occasional dress was black or grey... Hanging up beside all of the dresses were a few pairs of undergarments and things. He picked the tamest thing in the wardrobe, a silky blue ruffled nightgown of some sort. It was longsleeved but cut short at the bottom and decorated with bows. He placed it on the bed, looking over at the blond’s innocent face and also setting down a simple black pair of boy shorts. “Here, now you can put on some clothes, too.” He paid no heed to the fact that he was still quite naked.

littleyugi32504: The blonde ignored the clothes, pulling the other male down next to him. “Sleep, clothes later...” he muttered, snuggling himself against the other man, letting his legs tangle with Itsukii’s. He reached down to quickly pull the blanket over the both of them, laying his head on the other’s chest. His hand absently ran over Itsukii’s bare torso, resting atop his his stomach. He let out a small sigh, nuzzling his face into the other’s soft skin. “Itsukii...”

freekychowchow13: He was a little shocked.. But he let the blue ruffles fall to the bed and crawled underneath the thick, silky coverlets along with Kasumi. He shivered... I can’t believe this...I’m in bed, nude, with the Spinner... This is like some dream.. and it’s not even a good dream. It’s like one of those dreams you shiver through until morning, when you wake up and think to yourself how strange that dream was. His face seemed to darken slightly as he contemplated these things. “....Unn... Just... go to sleep, Kasumi. Rest yourself... You’ll need it.” The legs intertwined with his own were warm and sculpted, soft to the touch. He yawned and pressed his face into the Spinner’s neck, pulling him against his chest and embracing him. I’m so lucky... I’m the one... I’m the one he woke up for...

littleyugi32504: Kasumi smiled softly, revelling in the feeling of being held. He had never felt so warm. He had never been close to another person like this. All he remembered before was sleeping, dreaming of the man holding him so gently and the people before him. He wondered absently what it was about Itsukii that had made him wake from his slumber... but the question left quickly as he closed his eyes and let sleep take him.

Freekychowchow13: Itsukii combed his fingers over Kasumi's hair, sighing a bit. Why did he have to be so... beautiful? He had always been in awe of the Spinner... Even when he had been unable to get close to him, held back by those glass walls, he had felt so amazed by the perfection of his body. Now, he could actually feel the silky skin and perfect curves, and he would not deny that yes... Kasumi was just as amazing as the legends foretold.

littleyugi32504: For a moment the other slept calmly, but something changed. The blond's hands grasped at Itsukii's body, his face contorting into a tight cringe. He emitted a small, scared sound like that of a muffled scream. His dreams, no longer filled by the person his body fed from, were now jumbled images of people. While the emotions attached to the images were random, the ones that hurt most, that seemed the most potent were those of pain and suffering. Death, disease, starvation. His body thrashed violently, shaking. His hands tightening and loosening their grip on his bedmate's body. In the back of his mind rang one thought: Maybe sleep isn't a good idea...