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A RP community.

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Hi, hi, hi, HEWWO. (Woot, yo!!) Tis Ashley (and Minda), the cofounder of "Poisoned", a fangathering of any lovers of shounen-ai, yaoi, slash, or anything pertaining to the two. Any and all slash is accepted, even unusual things like Lion King (Ashley and her hyena!love...) pairings.
Minda and I are particular to certain pairings, obviously, but this place is no place for any sort of "Ban/Ginji OTPPPPP" tomfoolerly (duh!). WE aren't out here to assert our beliefs in a certain pairing or to say that slash is the best (it is though!) and only genre of anime and gaming. However, it is an important subgenre of EVERYTHING.
Minda just hugged me.

I feel loved. K, let go now.

I FEEL RAPED (hee hee).


If you are interested in reading any of our past RPs, some of them with decent plot (we have plots?!), or even RPing with us, we'd be perfectly glad to take you.
Be aware: WE don't always follow certain rules, as in, we may use a character and defame him of his masculinty (*coughSephirothcough*), because it's amusing, or we may take characters completely out of any context and just randomly insert them into our own storylines (Spike/Vicious).

Shut up, Minda.

She's touching my arm, I can't type properly.

Argjlwgvsyuegevytcfgiystesfgvytsh. There. I do that, instead of cursing.


And we love any original characters! Just be aware, if you want to start posting or RPing with us, we'll need a sample first... None of us likes shitty *And he rans over and kissed him* posting. It needs some detail, people. Not to mention, proper grammar (Seriously). Most of the time.


Minda is, actually dyslexic, sliiiiightly, so I can't exactly complain about grammar and things. I am too sometimes (...sometimes?). I tend to leave out words or whatnot.


Any fangirls or fanboys, after all, we will Yuri for Yaoi. Well, K, Minda wishes (^-^).

Sooooo. Any comments or things are greatly appreciated. Also, he's a quick overview of our common terms:

Fling of the week: Short random RP because we were inspired by something random and felt it would make a neat plot. Or we just watched too much yaoi.

Sephy Says: The mood of the two of us, portrayed by my darling Sephiroth figurine, or the mood of the Fling of the week.

Lengths of RPs will bve identified as the following:

Long : JEBUS HEIST LONG. These RPs have captured our hearts and continue on, even if we don't post them at the moment. That doesn't mean we WON'T keep going with it. Oh, and if you'd like to read more of one, just leave a comment, and maybe it'll prompt us to continue it.

The main JEBUS HEIST LONGIEZ are: Lazarus/Yael, Lucky/Jane, Dae/Jane, Crow/Jane, Sephy/Lerato, Errol/Jane.

Medium : Not-So-Longz. These RPs may or may not continue on, as we may have grown bored of the storyline, grown bored of the character in use, or who knows, maybe we just abandoned it. Feel free to prompt us to work on them, but we may or may not.

Examples of Not-So-Longz are: Donat/Maverick, Crow/Jane, Angel/Benoit, Crow/Jane (Victorian), Kasi/Viktor, Joss/Audury.

If it's short, it's probably just a Flavor of the Week.

Much love,
Ashley (& Minda)

(P.S. Why the hell do I have to type in the ()s, yo!)