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thin_lipid [userpic]
Crow/Jane - Flavor of the Week
by thin_lipid (thin_lipid)
at November 10th, 2006 (03:18 pm)

Where the hell...?: 19th Century Somewhere
Sephy says: pleased
Background sounds: Handel - Hallelujah Chorus

littleyugi32504 (8:17:53 PM): Janette wandered quickly from the gothic style library, lifting the front of his skirts as he ran. He wasn't supose to be outside at all since his mother had fobade him from leaving the house without permission. Probably since he was a boy... in a dress... He brushed stray blonde hairs from his face and looking nervously to the darkening sky.

Freekychowchow13 (8:44:38 PM): A youthfull looking young man, perhaps in his very early twenties or late teens, hurried along the streets, dodging carriages and buggies with ease. His hair was long, amost to his behind, and it was as straight as an arrow and a rich, dark mahogany brown color.

littleyugi32504 (8:54:35 PM): Jane brushed past small groups of people and wandered into the street once it was clear enough. He moved along the street, past another man and tripping rather ungracefully on the cobblestone. He let out a small yelp and quickly reached to hold down his skirts.

Freekychowchow13 (8:54:57 PM): His eyebrows were very thin and perfect, and his lips angular and slinder. He looked down at a skirted figure and, noting an abundance of black and seeing only a great deal of lace and ruffles, asked hurriedly, "Madam? Have you seen a tall man with long black hair tied into a braid, in a black suit? He carries a walking stick with a skull on the top." He was quite debonair in his ways, but his voice was a little on the odd side, as if he were trying to hide something about his natural tone.

littleyugi32504 (9:02:02 PM): Jane turned his pale face to the other male, looking up at his with glossed eyes and a slightly frightened expression. His features, though not terribly masculine, were that of a young boy and his chest was noticbly flat. "I'm sorry Sir, I've not..." he muttered, voice soft and fluid. His blonde hair fell about his face as he pushed himself up carefully.

Freekychowchow13 (9:03:23 PM): The gentlemanly young fellow who's thin built made him look dainty and a little on the aristocratic side, put out a slender hand and offered it to the blonde. "I am so, so, so sorry. My apologies."

littleyugi32504 (9:07:08 PM): The blonde gave a slightly confused expression. "Apology for what, I fell on my own...?" he muttered as he held his hands to his chest, rubbing then together in a nervous fashion. He backed away a bit.

Freekychowchow13 (9:09:12 PM): "I didn't offer to help you up for a moment there. How rude of me." He said in explanation.He flushed a bit. His manner had gone from exceedingly polite and suave to a little foppish. He was one of those men Jane somehow knew his mother would not approve of his knowing.

littleyugi32504 (9:13:57 PM): "I should be at home..." he said softly, lowering his head for a moment in small bow. He knew his mother would have realize his disappearance soon, but he'd never talked to someone outside the house before. He stepped back once more and glanced to the side, debating with himself.

Freekychowchow13 (9:17:39 PM): "...Al..right." The young creature's smile was tantalizing and sexy and at the same time quite innocent. "I suppose that is only proper, then. It's getting dark... Are you sure you should be walking alone?" Crow, though he felt strange offering to escort someone against something bad.... considering by all account he was that "bad thing" that crept about at night..... But he couldn't bear to send the young boy off into the night without any sort of protection. True, Crow was not of the sturdiest and most protective type, but he had his strengths.

littleyugi32504 (9:22:37 PM): Jane lightly nibbled his lower lip, thinking over whether to take the other's offer or not. "I don't see that company could be a bad thing..." he finaly murmured. "Though, if it is inconvient than I don't want to be a bother."

Freekychowchow13 (9:25:56 PM): "It's not inconcvenient, not at all." Crow put out an arm for the boy to set his dainty hand on and turned to look at the fading sn. "It's dangerous around here when it grows dark." He remarked softly, following the blond's lead.

littleyugi32504 (9:30:54 PM): Janette lightly took the other's arm and began to walk toward his home. "I'm not supose to be outside at all..." he muttered absently, glancing to the side as he continued along the edge of the street to a less populated area of the town. In the distance was a large home surrounded by iron gates and Jane it gave it an almost loathing expression and walked slower, heisitant to return to his home.

Freekychowchow13 (9:35:02 PM): Corw did not blink, for his own abode was about this size, and he had ifnerred by the blonde's considerably expensive dress tat he was well off. He smiled. "Is this your home? Shall I walk you to the gate?" His eyes were not blue, nor green, nor even brown; they were of the deepest crison.

littleyugi32504 (9:41:32 PM): Jane swallowed slightly. Part of him worried that he would never emerge from the building again if he entered it now. He looked to the side and pulled loose from the other grasp. "...I am sorry for being a burden, but I would rather not return tonight..." he muttered, looking up at the other with a small cringe.

Freekychowchow13 (9:43:05 PM): "...It's alright."" The brunette was a little surprised, but not horribly so, and he smiled a bit, revealing very slightly longer canine teeth. "....Would you like to come around with me a bit? My name is Crow... I apologize for not introducing myself earlier."

littleyugi32504 (9:47:18 PM): Jane smiled softly. "Thank you, Crow." He lifted his hands to his chest. "I am Janette Trivolin... and I would like very much to stay with you a bit longer." he answered softly, holding out a hand to the other male. I'm going to be in so much trouble for this...

Freekychowchow13 (9:55:57 PM): Without thinking a second though, Crow pressed a little kiss to the dainty hand held out to him and looked up. "Pleased to meet you."

littleyugi32504 (9:58:40 PM): "I don't bother you...?" he asked softly, pulling his hand back and hold both to his chest. He wondered slightly why the other hadn't questioned his gender or given him a look of disgust.

Freekychowchow13 (10:06:24 PM): Crow blinked, always surprised to remember how much disgust "normal" people treated people like Jane with. "It doesn't bother me one bit. We all have our foibles and quirks."

littleyugi32504 (9:04:32 PM): Jane's eyes widened slightly and his lips curled into a smile. "Thank you..." he muttered. He let his smile widen as he rather suddenly hug the other male.

Freekychowchow13 (9:09:41 PM): Crow blinked, rather pleasantly surprised, and a soft flush of pink crpet into his fair cheeks. "...Uh...Uhm...Uh..." He said awkwardly, waiting for the blonde to release him. "You're welcome...?"

littleyugi32504 (9:12:58 PM): Jane let go of Crow, pulling back quickly and looking to the side. "Sorry, mother says I'm to tactile sometimes..." he muttered softly.

Freekychowchow13 (9:15:21 PM): "...Well, I'm, er, not sure if..." He froze, completely awkward, and turned away just for a moment to compose himself. His hair fluttered. "It' alright." He managed finally, turning back, his fce tinted pink. "...So, would you like to see an Opera tonight...?"

littleyugi32504 (9:21:17 PM): Jane looked up at the other once more. "I've never been to an Opera before." he admited. He adjusted his skirts nervously, messing with the black lace. "Are they good... I know my mother and father good often..."

Freekychowchow13 (9:24:57 PM): "They're lovely." He said softly, looking over his shoulder. "I would love for us to go to one, absolutely love it."

littleyugi32504 (9:27:53 PM): Jane ran to the other, catching up him. "Is that appropriate? I mean are two male's allowed to go on a date like that...?" he asked, nervous of what his mother would say if she found out what he was up to.

Freekychowchow13 (8:38:55 PM): Crow tilted his head at the blond a little, and almost smirking, he answered the boy. "It's not like we're going on a date... You're just going to the Opera... Heaven forbid I should take you on a...date." *his tone made the word "date" sound absolutely scandalous.

littleyugi32504 (8:42:59 PM): "But..." Jane looked confused, he pursed his lips. "If two people go somewhere together, isn't that a date...?" he asked softly and he held his hands to his chest.

Freekychowchow13 (8:45:20 PM): "...I should say it could be, but it's not really." He murmured, adjusting his sleeves with one longnailed hand. "You're just going to see an Opera. It's Carmen." He said softly, smiling a little. "What does it matter if you go with me?"

littleyugi32504 (8:49:33 PM): Jane tilted his head to the side, latching once more to the other's arm. "What is the difference...?" he wondered out loud. He leaned his head slightly on the other's shoulder. "Is this Opera good?"

Freekychowchow13 (8:51:31 PM): Crow closed his scarlet eyes for a moment. Up until now, their color had not been very obvious, but in the growing dark, they nearly glowed. "The intent that one had for the.... erm... outing. This is just an outing of two friends, isn't it?" He shrugged. "I haven't seen Carmen. I'm told it's lovely."

littleyugi32504 (8:55:30 PM): Jane smiled gently. "I've never had a friend before..." he muttered softly, his own eyes taking on a happy glow. He looked up at the other male and nestled his cheek against Crow's arm. "You have pretty eyes too."

Freekychowchow13 (9:02:28 PM): Crow looked appalled. His voice rose to its true notes, a lispy and feminine twittering that made him seem much more stuck up than he really was. "You've never had any friends? How awful. Your mother must keep you in a box." He smiled his strange smile again. "...Uh... Thank you..." He blushed imperceptibly in the night. "...You... too... have pretty eyes." His voice had gotten much quieter for some reason. He took the blond's daintily gloved hand and pulled it under his arm and set it atop his forearm so that Jane's hand lay daintily on his bicep. "...There... Walk like a lady." He said tamely, smiling openly.

littleyugi32504 (9:13:58 PM): "Yes, Sir..." he muttered almost absently at the command, asif he wasn't even talking to Crow. His posture straighened rather quickly as he continued to lean his head on the taller's shoulder. He lightly placed his other hand on Crow's forearm as well.

Freekychowchow13 (9:14:37 PM): Crow flushed. "Don't call me Sir... please? I'm not your master or your father..."

littleyugi32504 (9:16:38 PM): Jane looked up, confused at the other's statement. "Did I call you Sir... Sorry, I'm just use to that I guess..." he murmured as he unconciously tightened his grip on the other's arm.

Freekychowchow13 (9:18:10 PM): "It's alright." He said sweetly, touching the dainty hands with his own a moment. "So, tell me about yourself... And I'll tell you about me...?" He smiled and tilted his head to the side.

littleyugi32504 (9:20:34 PM): "Talk about myself? I don't know what to say... there's nothing interesting about me really..." he muttered as he looked to the side. "I mean I've hardly ever left the house so I haven't really done anything worth talking about..."

Freekychowchow13 (9:26:15 PM): "Tell me about your life at home, then. There must be something interesting." He smiled and patted the dainty fingers. His smile was always open... friendly... but also strangely entrancing.

littleyugi32504 (9:30:09 PM): Jane looked up at the other, flushing. "What do you wish to know...?" he asked softly. He couldn't think of anything to say to the other male, nothing that seemed out of the ordinary to him.

Freekychowchow13 (9:31:02 PM): "...I don't know." Crow laughed aloud. "Everyone has a story! Aren't there books you read... things you like...?" Crow smiled. "Shall I tell you my story?"

littleyugi32504 (9:34:42 PM): "I would much rather listen to you... I don't really have anything to talk about..." he muttered, almost sad.

Freekychowchow13 (9:39:28 PM): Crow patted the hand again. HE felt as if he were perhaps being too touchy, but... The blond didn't seem bothered...

littleyugi32504 (9:45:42 PM): Jane sighed, nuzzling his face into the other's sleave. "It's so very late..." he muttered, his voice an odd sort of whinning noise muffled by the fabric. "How can you be so active at such a time...?" he murmured.

Freekychowchow13 (9:49:49 PM): "I'm used to walking 'round at night..." He said tamely. "My Master used to take me around the city at night and tell me all about it." The nighttime around them was soft and warm, pierced through with little stars. Crow smiled.

littleyugi32504 (9:53:29 PM): "Your Master...?" he repeated softly, looking up from Crow's sleave. "You had a Master...? What was he like?" he asked, his curiousity piqued. He pulled back a bit, flushing, when he realised his face was only a few inches from the other's.

Freekychowchow13 (9:55:16 PM): Crow smiled. "Yes, yes. I have a very long and unusual story to tell..." He began thoughtfully. "I lived in an orphanage until I was about... thirteen... I think... I used to wish every night that someone would come to rescue me and take care of me instead of teasing me like all the other children did. And the nuns... They were just as cruel. I suppose they say it when I was just a boy, the sort I would turn out to be."

littleyugi32504 (9:58:01 PM): "The sort... what do you mean? You seem like a very sweet person to me..." he said quickly. "Why would nuns not like that?" He frowned slightly at the thought.

Freekychowchow13 (10:00:35 PM): "I mean... like..." His flapped his free hand a little in the air, trying to explain, and blinked. "...Exactly like that. I'm very... feminine." Hr shrugged. "Anyways." So, I wished and wished, and finally one day I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw this... man... outside of my window. He held a red rose in his hand... He beckoned for me to open the window..."

littleyugi32504 (10:04:46 PM): "Did you open the window...?" he asked, engrossed in the story already. "That sounds so... romantic.... I wish someone would steal me away like that..."

Freekychowchow13 (10:06:22 PM): "..Of course I opened the window. I couldn't... He had me under his spell... and he was very.... beautiful. I did not know then that he was really very very old." He smiled fondly. "I opened the window and he gave me the rose... I asked him who he was and he never told me... He told me I should call him Master and that he was taking me away to live with him. He jumped off of my windowsill and caught me... and in my nightclothes he took me to his castle. He gave me new clothes and tied back my hair and gave me a nickname. My real name is Ravennette, but my Master called me Crow because I used to sqwauk when I was angry." He almost chuckled.